Welcome to the main portal for the Saga of Fang and Claw project! From here you will be able to access other elements of our community or participate at your leisure. 


What is the Saga project? 

It's a science fantasy collaborative universe where its community has the opportunity to be involved with its evolution. 
The lore of SoFaC is an alternative-history variant of our own where the year 2368 is upon us, and nothing is as we expected. The path of every race in the galaxy has converged and the control of the ancient gods over everyone's fate has begun to fade. Humanity is a dominant force in stellar society and has forged a new and promising future for all life with the partnership of the Wolves. 

SoFaC is a passion project of one man, known as Ody, but also his friends and even his partner who have aided in growing it since day 0.